News from July 2016

In the media: Getting listeners ‘through our art’

Clara Inkamala: We want to send out [a message] to those people who are selling Coke and Kentucky Fried Chicken to our people. We got so many people in dialysis, with diabetes, heart problem, lung problem and all that, all this grog, they’re selling it. Our people are buying these grogs and these foods.

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New Incorporation

We are proud to announce our newly incorporated organisation, Iltja Ntjarra Many Hands art centre. Our Chairman is Mervyn Rubuntja and our Deputy chairperson is Clara Inkamala. Our vision for the Art Centre is to create a place where Western Arrarnta people come together and create artworks on diverse mediums using different techniques. Our art is inspired by the landscape painting tradition of the Hermannsburg School of Art.