News from March 2015

Circle Skirts

We have a new project we need your help with!!!

In the Western Arrernte language this project is called “Inti Ljapa Ljapa Irapakalam.” In English it means “butterfly going round and round.” The caterpillar and butterfly are iconic to the Arrernte tradition.

To celebrate the era of Albert Namatjira (1950’s) we have created two unique limited edition fashion garments being circle skirts and scarfs and we are raising funds to take supreme quality pictures of the designs made by the artists ($500), to hire a designer that will edit the images and design the items ($1000), to purchase silk fabrics and get the fabrics sewn and transformed into beautiful wearable arts ($4500), and to pay the generous individuals that helped us produce two videos for this project and prepare an installation for the exhibition ($1000). All profits from this project will benefit the Hermannsburg School of art to continue sharing knowledge and stories with family and friends through their prosperous art centre. If we get enough money for this project we will be able to exhibit our finished paintings and fabric designs in an exclusive exhibition in Alice Springs and beyond!

To find out more information or to make a donation go to our pozible campaign.

Lenie Namatjira working on her circle skirt design.
Lenie Namatjira working on her circle skirt design.