News from November 2016

ABDUCTED! Nov 29 Alcaston Gallery, VIC

Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne, VIC

29-Nov-2016 – 15-Dec-2016

There are different types of aliens in our own country. Real aliens – Alice Springs is a UFO hotspot for sightings and the CIA establishment out here – it is very spooky and mysterious.  Walberlla (white people) are Aliens who came to this country and because they don’t know about it they are destroying the landscape with mining and industry. Our culture is abducted and our human rights are abused. Our healthy land gave us healthy food, now we have fast food and anunhealthy life. So, we have abducted our own work to show new things.

Reinhold Inkamala, 3 mining employees at Mt Hermannsburg, NT