News from March 2016

Beauty and the Beasts, Talapi Alice Springs, March 11


To the untrained eye, the vast desert landscape in central Australia can appear a lonely, isolated and still place. However, a multitude of creatures, beasts and spirits inhabit the central desert.

In Talapi‘s first exhibition for 2016, we pay homage to the creatures that inhabit these places: the Snakes, ngintaka, emus, owls and budgies that are among the creatures that determine ancestral stories.

From the realm of the imagination, Tiger Yaltangki conjures mamus, friendly spirits and wild animals. Iluwanti Ken’s ancestral story of the hungry eagle devouring small animals to feed her chicks compliments Carlene Thompson’s paintings of plump birds, perfect for the table.

Karen Napaltjarri Barnes’ brightly dappled canvases mimic the flickering of coloured light as flocks of birds race across the sky. Conway Ginger captures the essence creatures in ink and wash on paper and the Ngurratjuta watercolour artists locate their creatures in the magnificent West MacDonnell Ranges.

New works from Hermannsburg Potters and Yarrenyty Arltere will delight with their brightly festooned sculptures.

Exhibition opens 11 March, 6PM.

Vanessa Inkamala, Tjuritja (West MacDonnell Ranges, NT)
Vanessa Inkamala, Tjuritja (West MacDonnell Ranges, NT)