Kathleen France

Kathleen France

Skin name: Nungala
Language: Western Arrarnta
Date of birth: 1955-02-08
From: Hermannsburg
Community: Alice Springs : NT



Kathleen is learning to paint watercolor at Many Hands art centre and enjoys coming here with her sisters, Noreen and Clara.

Her grandmother Clara was Albert Namatjira’s sister.  

Kathleen’s description of the artists in her family: 

Our Uncle is Adolf Inkamala, he was a watercolour artist. Our dad was Gerhard Inkamala. Vanessa’s fathers was Edmund Inkamala. Our young uncle was Russell Inkamala, Sophia’s father was Clifford Inkamala. They all were watercolour artists from the same mom & dad. They all learnt how to paint from their uncle Albert.


  • National Museum of Australia (NMA), Canberra, ACT