Kathy Inkamala

Skin name: Nungala
Language: Western Arrarnta
Date of birth: 1968-01-08
From: Hermannsburg
Community: Alice Springs : NT
Outstation: Hermannsburg



Kathy is a Western Arrarnta woman from the Hermannsburg mission. She now lives in Alice Springs. Kathy is participating in a visual art course at Batchelor institute to obtain a certificate 4 in visual art. She is inspired by native bush flowers and bush tucker in the Northern Territory area.

When Kathy was a child, growing up, she used to look at her father Cliford Inkamala, a successful watercolour painter, paint landscape watercolours. Kathy’s mother was a crafty woman, she sawed, used croshades, and produced placemats from native bean seeds for decoration. Kathy decided when she was younger that she would like to continue this artistic tradition. Kathy’s grandmother is Albert Namatjira’s sister.

Dellina Inkamala, who also paints at Ngurratjuta Many Hands art centre is Kathy’s niece. Another family member at the centre, Kathy’s sister, is Sophia Inkamala

Kathy is very keen to improve her skills as a watercolourists. When she finishes to paint a watercolour painting she feels very proud about her work. The country she paints is important to her because it’s her father’s country.

Special Projects:

2019 Lumen Prints Workshop with AGNSW, Sydney, NSW

2019 Cicada press etching workshop, Sydney, NSW


  • 2018 Araluen Galleries, Alice Springs, NT
  • 2019 Art Gallery of NSW (AGNSW), Sydney
  • 2016 National Museum of Australia (NMA)
  • 2016 National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)
  • 2016 UQ Art Museum, Brisbane