Ricky Connick

Ricky Connick Jakamara

Skin name: Jakamarra
Language: Pitjantjatjara, Western Arrarnta
Date of birth: 1971-04-13



Ricky’s skin name is Jakamara. His mother’s country is Ntaria and he grew up in Areyonga (His father’s country). He is the grandson of famous artist Peter Kanari. Thus, he speaks Western Aranda and Pitjantjatjara. Ricky is Benita Clement’s husband, and son in law of the late Gwenda Namatjira who was the granddaughter of Albert Namatjira. Benita inspired Ricky and motivated him to start painting landscapes of his country. The two paint together at the Iltja Ntjarra Many Hands art centre. Ricky has a precise drawing technique and is interested in painting hunting men from previous generations.  

Group exhibitions

  • 2019
    Tjina Nurna-ka, Pmarra Nurn-kanha, Itla Itla Nurn-kanha (Our family, our country, our legacy), Flinders University Art Museum, Adelaide SA
  • 2019
    Pmarra Nurna-Kananhala untha-lapp-urma (Walking through country), Hazelhurst Art centre, Sydney, NSW.
  • 2017
    What if this photograph is by Albert Namatjira?, Art Gallery of SA, Adelaide SA
  • 2017
    Cicada Press Collection, Tarnanthi, AGSA
  • 2016
    UNALIENABLE, Sullivan + Strumpf Gallery, Sydney, NSW
  • 2016
    Abducted!, Alcaston Gallery, VIC


  • National Museum of Australia (NMA), Canberra, ACT
  • 2017 Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA), Brisbane, QLD