Hilary Wirri

Hilary Wirri

Skin name: Japaljarri
Language: Luritja
Date of birth: 1956-09-20
From: Papunya
Community: Kintore : NT



Hilary was born in Ragged’s Well approximately 40km away from Papunya. He grew up around this area and as a child he and his siblings including well known artist Kevin Wirri spent much of their time watching well known Hermannsburg School artists as they painted particularly Keith Namatjira, Edwin Pareroultja and Joshua Ebatjarinja. 

Hilary was inspired to begin painting himself in the 1980’s and has become an established painter whose works are displayed in many private collections. 

Hilary paints at Ngurratjuta and is also an accomplished guitar player.


  • 2009 Real to Surreal, Scenes from the Centre: Journey with the New Generation of Hermannsburg Watercolour Artists, Tandanya, Adelaide, SA
  • 2009 Beyond Batterby, Recent Watercolour by Central Australian Artists, Hobart, TAS
  • 2009 The Watercolourists of Central Australia, Indigenart, Melbourne, Vic
  • 2009 Desert Mob Exhibition, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs, NT
  • 2012 Damian Minton Gallery, Sydney, NSW
  • 2012 The Lockup, Newcastle, NSW
  • 2012 Regional Art Gallery, Burnie, TAS
  • 2012 Art Mob, Launceston, TAS
  • 2012 Art Mob, Hobart, TAS
  • 2012 Frankston Arts Centre, Frankston, VIC
  • 2012 Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide, SA
  • 2012 Talapi Gallery, Alice Springs, NT
  • 2012 Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville, QLD
  • 2013 The Namatjira Legacy, Tali Gallery, Sydney, NSW
  • 2014 The Men Artists of the Hermannsburg School of Art, Talapi Gallery, Alice Springs, NT
  • 2015 Hermannsburg Horizons, Wooloongabba Art Gallery, Brisbane, QLD


  • 2017 Queensland Art Gallery Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, QLD