Dellina Inkamala

Dellina Inkamala

Skin name: Napaljarri, Nungarrai
Language: Western Aranda
Date of birth: 1984-04-14
From: Hermannsburg
Community: Alice Springs : NT



Delllina Inkamala is the daughter of Raelene Inkamala who is Kathy Inkamala’s older sister, and Hillary Pareroultja who is Hubert Pareroultja’s younger brother. Dellina was born in Alice Springs but grew up in Hermannsburg, Wallace Rock Hole and Papunya. Dellina started drawing when she was in school and really liked enjoyed it so began to paint dot paintings when she left school. She only recently became interested in watercolour painting after watching her Aunty, Kathy Inkamala and Uncle Hubert Pareroultja at Iltja Ntjarra art centre. Dellina says: ‘I like using watercolour as I can see the view of my country come alive in my paintings. It’s challenging for me but I’m getting better with the help of my aunty and uncle’.

Group exhibitions

  • 2020
    Homeless on my Homeland, NIRIN 22nd Biennale of Sydney, Sydney, NSW


  • 2020 Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA), Brisbane, QLD