Watercolour landscapes all the way to Sydney!

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Ngurratjuta Many Hands Alice Springs in conjunction with Tali Gallery is thrilled to present contemporary watercolour paintings on paper by a new generation of artists from the tradition of Albert Namatjira – The Hermannsburg School of Art.

The impact that Albert Namatjira had on Australian landscape painting made him the most well known Aboriginal Australian of his time leading to his special status as the “first Aboriginal citizen”. Since his death in 1959 the Hermannsburg School artists have remained vibrant and energetic.

The exhibition at Tali Gallery will feature painting by artists including Albert Namatjira Jnr, Hilary Wirri, Lenie Namatjira, Johannes Katakarinja, Ivy Pareroultja, Hubert Pareroultja, Elton Wirri, Kevin Wirri, Gloria Pannka, Peter Taylor, Kevin Namatjira and Douglas Abbott. The contemporary works of the Ngurratjuta Many Hands watercolourists carry on a great tradition that portrays the unique landscape of the West MacDonald Ranges in hues and tones that resonate with Australians in a very special way.

Watercolour Works

  • 16 Nov 12 – 28 Feb 13
  • Tali Gallery
  • 667 Darling Street
    Rozelle, NSW
  • Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 06:00 pm
West MacDonnell Ranges, NT by Albert Namatjira Jr.
West MacDonnell Ranges, NT by Albert Namatjira Jr.