Johannes Katakarinja’s last work – Simpsons Gap

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johannes Katakarinja’s last work, ‘Simpsons Gap’ will be featured at Paul Johnstone Gallery in Darwin.

Johannes Katakarinja was born at Hermannsburg in 1956 and he is the son of Yvonne Williams and Ambrose Katakarinja. From age 13 Johannes learnt to paint like his grandfathers and uncles. His mentor was his grandfather Walter Ebatarinja who he would meet at Palm Valley to paint with. Johannas has also painted the Murial at Hermansburg Finke River Mission Store. The Name “Katakarinja” is the aboriginal name for Mt Zeil. Sadly Johannes passed away recently.

Paul Johnstone Gallery will present a tribute to Johannes Katakarinja in the June exhibition. The work ‘Simpsons Gap’ is the last work that Johannes Katakarinja painted.
Gallery opening: Friday 14th of June 6-8pm
PJ Gallery Ngurratjuta Catalogue 2013.pdf