Arthouse Gallery Digital Catalogue

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We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming exhibition at Arthouse Gallery, “Kangkwerrama – Respectfully Take Notice,”
Exhibition Dates: 15 June – 1 July 2023
Location: Arthouse Gallery

Painting on repurposed road signs this unique and innovative body of work speaks to the way country is named and boundaries are drawn since colonisation. Whether used to direct traffic or to communicate specific rules, signs like these are crucial in governing our relationship to the land. In bright and arresting colours, they are used to convey laws and regulations across the continent. In the hands of the Iltja Ntjarra artists, their function is subverted to communicate important information relating to Country, its beauty, cultural practices and customary lore on traditional lands. Each sign has been painted with images of Country in the Hermannsburg style.

Featuring Vanessa Inkamala, Dellina Inkamala, Dianne Inkamala, Delray Inkamala, Reinhold Inkamala, Kathy Inkamala, Selma Coulthard Nunay, Mervyn Rubuntja, Betty Namatjira Wheeler Naparula, Benita Clements, Mandy Malbunka, Kathleen France & Ada Lechleitner, the exhibition invites us to respectfully take notice of the beauty that surrounds us. Artists use their artwork as a powerful voice to speak volumes about culture, protection of country, and their profound connection to the land, expressing their respect and reverence for their country.