A Hermannsburg Christmas – on now in Singapore!

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ReDot Fine Art Gallery is extremely honoured to be hosting a first ever show by the community art centre of Ngurratjuta Iltja Ntjarra, better known as Many Hands Arts, which has become famous for its production of sublime watercolours of the Australian outback in the style known as the “Hermannsburg School”. This continues the tradition of the great Arrernte artist, and possibly the most famous 20th century Australian watercolourist, Albert Namatjira.

In a salon hang which promises to be a spectacular finale to the 2015 exhibition programme at ReDot Fine Art Gallery’s new Old Hill Street Police Station premises, ‘A Hermannsburg Christmas’ will be a collection of over 40 delicate watercolours, crafted by nine of the more senior artists of the cooperative, all direct family descendants of the great Albert Namatjira.

The exhibition begins on Wednesday 25th November and runs until Thursday 31st December 2015 and will be the perfect opportunity to find your loved ones that “special” Christmas present. Your way of saying thank you for being there to the ones you love. Hell why not treat yourself too for seeing out yet another challenging year and looking forward to a better, brighter and fun filled 2016!

This is a must-see show for anyone interested in following the recent developments in Indigenous Art and an opportunity to better understand the work being produced by one of Australia’s finest community based Indigenous art projects.

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