Lyerpa by Selma CoulthardSold


This artwork has been sold.

It’s important for me to paint the Lyerpa because with this painting of the Lyerpa flower, I remind the young generation how the story of the Serpent Snake and the Lyerpa are connected to our culture and people. Paintings help transfer important knowledge to the next generation. I experimented with a limited palette of colours as a comparison with my usual practice, where I use many more colours.

The Lyerpa is the mother-in-law to the Rainbow Serpent Snake. The Snake will avoid the mothers-in-law it won’t have any contact with them. The Snake will chase and attack people, but once people get close to the tree they will be saved, as the Snake will not go anywhere near the Lyerpa. This story is about the Lyerpa and the Serpent Snake, connected to Dreamtime and the old people. The message from this story was used as a method to protect oneself: if you saw a snake you would know that you can hide under the Lyerpa tree.



38 × 54cm
Watercolour on paper

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