Tanya Corby

Tanya Corby

Language: Luritja
Date of birth: 1961-01-07


No artworks.


Born: 1961
Area of birth: n/a
Country: Mt Liebig
Area of living: Mt Liebig
Tribe: Luritja
Skin name: Nungarrayi
Tanya is the daughter of Charlie Eggley (Egalie) Tjapaltjarri (c.1938-2002) who was an accomplished painter with Papunya Tul
Like her older sister Lynette, Tanya’s country is Mount Liebig. Her father, Charlie Egalie Tjapaltjarri was an accomplished artist who trained his two daughters to the art of dot painting.
Nowadays, Nungarrayi lives in Alice Springs with her Warlpiri husband; Wesley Sampson Jangala and close family.