Maggie Watson Enalanga

Skin name: Napanangka
Language: Luritja
Date of birth: 1960-12-31
From: Alice Springs
Community: Alice Springs : NT


No artworks.


Maggie Watson Enalanga was born and raised in Hermannsburg. She learnt to paint at school however she remembers watching her uncle Edmond Inkamala and Oscar Namatjura paint. When she left school she started to pot for the Hermannsburg Potters until she moved to Alice Springs in 2004 and through her cousin started to paint for Ngurratjuta Iltja Ntjarra; Many Hands Art Centre. Albert Namatjira was Maggie’s grandmother’s younger brother. Her grandmother was Clara Inkamala and her grandfather was Reinhold Inkamala. Maggie really enjoys painting and is constantly evolving her style. She likes to paint a variety of subjects and stories including Water Dreaming, Bush Tucker and Women’s Stories. Maggie has exhibited in the Araluen Art Centre -Watch This Place . In November 2010 and Febuary 2011. One of her paintings was chosen for the 2012 Jukurrpa diary.