Lynette Corby Nungarrayi

Lynette Corby Nungarrayi

Skin name: Nungarrayi
Language: Luritja
Date of birth: 1958-07-21


No artworks.


Learnt to paint at Mount Leibig Art Centre

Lynette Corby is a very important and active member of the community. In 1997 Lynette Corby entered in the North Territory Fashion Award with a self designed screen printed garment. She is an adventures artist using traditional stories in new and very interesting ways working in several mediums; acrylic, lino prints, screen printing, silk printing, basket weaving and sketching. Lynette Corby works in several mediums, She does painting in acrylics and screen-printing onto garments. She is a former assistant teacher of Luritja, written and spoken language. Lynette’s paintings are sought after and her work has been in several exhibitions, including the2003 Telstra Awards Survey Show.
BORN: c 1958

Lynette was born c1958 in the region of Mount Liebig .After living in Papunya for a while, she moved back to her home country and worked as a Luritja language teacher in her community. As talented and innovative artist. Lynette works with several mediums including acrylic, lion prints, screen-printing on garment,and silk printing,