Betty Munti KUTUNGU

Betty Munti KUTUNGU

Language: Pitjantjatjara
Date of birth: 1942-12-31
From: Adelaide
Community: Amata : SA


No artworks.


Betty is from Tjurma Homelands and paints with Tjurma Arts and Crafts centre as well as the women at Tjala Arts (formerly Minymaku Arts). She has been a practicing artist for many years and is always experimenting with ideas and traditional stories from her dreamtime. Not only is Betty a skilled painter, but also adept in Batik fabric production which she first practiced at Ernabella Arts at Pukatja (Ernabella) Community.


Museum of Victoria 1995

Art Gallery of South Australia

Hilliard Collection, National Museum of Australia

Powerhouse Museum Sydney

Group Exhibitions:

• Beyond Batik , A joint exhibition by members of the ACT Batik Association and artists from the Tjurma Homelands, Canberra 1991

• WOMAD , Singapore 2001

• Desert Visions – Works of Minymaku Arts , Adelaide Fringe, Synagogue Place, Adelaide 2002

• Nganampa tjukurpa – Our stories , Port Melbourne Uniting Church, Melbourne 2003

• Minymaku Arts – Exhibition of Fabrics , Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, USA 2003

• Divas of the Desert , Gallery Gondwana, Alice Springs 2004

• Minyma Tjutaku painting Amatala Nguru – Many paintings from the women of Amata, Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne 2004

• Desert Mob , Araluen Galleries, Alice Springs 2004

• Nganana worka wiru palyalpai – Our best work , Australian Print Workshop, Melbourne 2004

• Bush Christmas , Australia’s Outback Gallery, Sydney 2004

• Minymaku Arts: emerging artists from Amata, South Australia , Indigenart, Fremantle 2005

• Minymaku Arts: SALA Festival , Art Images, Adelaide 2005

• Waku Kunpu: Strong Work , Bandigan Art, Sydney 2005

• Iritja munu kuwaitja tjukurpa; Stories from past and present , Tandanya, Adelaide 2000

• Tjala Arts , Kluge-Ruhe, University of Virginia, USA 2006

• Warka Nganampa Munuru: Our work is many and varied , Stephanie Burns Fine Art, Canberra 2006

• Tjala Arts: SALA Festival , Art Images, Adelaide 2006

• Waa Yungkunytja , Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne 2006